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BinPeek – an app to determine if a #Windows executable is managed or unmanaged.

BinPeek is an application that checks to see if a Windows application is managed(.NET) or unmanaged(native). It handles x86 and x84 executables. If doing it manually, you must check several values in the PE (Portable Executable) file header that differ … Continue reading

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Secure Design Principles

Sitting hear on a cold, snowy day thinking about secure design principles. These are key to think about during the design phase of a feature/project? Total Mediation – every access to every resource must be validated every time Economy of … Continue reading

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2 Gems Updated

PwnedCheck PwnedCheck is a gem that checks to see if an email address or user handle has been involved in a breach. How to Install gem install PwnedCheck How to Use require ‘pwnedcheck’   # The 4 cases. # … Continue reading

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