now selling cloth face masks!

Super proud of my wife, Elizabeth, and her business, Chicks Who Quilt! For the past year since she opened the store, she’s been focused on machine quilting offering edge-to-edge, t-shirt, memory, semi-custom, and custom machine quilting.

For the past few weeks, she has put that part of the business on hold and has been focused on creating and donating cloth face masks through a local group called Sewing CDC Compliant Masks for Central Indiana. The group focuses on providing face masks to healthcare providers and facilities in central Indiana. This also includes organizations that provide outreach to members of the community that may need help with food/transportation/etc. In the past 4 weeks, the members of the group have created and donated 50,000 masks and Elizabeth has donated 200+.

In order to continue being able to donate masks, we’ve recently started selling masks online as a means to cover materials and equipment costs so that we can continue to donate. So far we’ve just been using resources we already had, but need to purchase more fabric and the increased usage on the machines has also added increased maintenance costs.

If you can afford to buy a mask, we would appreciate your support so that we can continue to create and donate masks.

The store is located at –