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How to setup Golang with VSCode

OAuth Misconfiguration Leads to Full Account takeover

Structure size optimization in Golang (alignment/padding). More effective memory layout (linters).

Stored XSS in

Develop A Production Ready REST API in Go

Web Application Security Checklist (2021)

18 Git Commands I Learned During My First Year as a Software Developer

20 Realistic Micro-Habits To Live Better Every Day

Directory of Pragmatic Programmer Books on Medium

Microservices Architecture

Go Pointers: Why I Use Interfaces (in Go)

Finding more IDORs – Tips and Tricks

Vulners - Vulnerability Data Base

Top 50 Cybersecurity Interview Questions and Answers

Tweak Your Vim As A Powerful IDE

Go: Finalizers

Writing an RPC server in Go

Threat Modeling Manifesto

🐛 BugBountyHunting Search Engine

Bitcoin Mining With 12 Lines of Code in Python

The Ultimate Guide to Your Terminal Makeover

Go, HTTP handlers, panic, and deadlocks

Black Hat Rust

Understand the Powerful ROP Attack from Zero!

Build a Website Using Only the Go Std Library

Detecting and Exploiting XXEs: AppSec Simplified

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