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React Authentication: How to Store JWT in a Cookie

Virtual Filesystem in Go - Creating the foundation

Noob’s Basic JSON web Token Exploit Guide

Golang’s Interfaces explained with Mocks

Go security cheatsheet: 8 security best practices for Go developers

Preventing SQL injections in Go (and other vulnerabilities)

Tweak Your Vim As A Powerful IDE

My Ultimate Makefile for Golang Projects

Writing an RPC server in Go

Go 2 generics in 5 minutes

Build a Todo App in Golang, MongoDB, and React


Go: How Does the Garbage Collector Mark the Memory?

Deep Dive into WebSockets

Finding My First Bug: HTTP Request Smuggling

HTTP Request Smuggling: A Primer


Half of the websites using WebAssembly use it for malicious purposes


bash aliases: command-line tools #3

Web Scraping 101 with Python


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