Writing a Burp Extension in Ruby Part 1

Writing a Burp Extension in Ruby Burp extensions can be written in 3 languages - Java, Python, and Ruby. Since Burp is a java app, in order to write extensions in Python you need Jython and in Ruby you need JRuby. For this example, we’ll use Ruby. Step 1 - Downloading JRuby The first step is to download JRuby from For this example we will be using the latest - 9.

New version of jekyll-clicky!

I’ve updated jekyll-clicky to version 0.1.3. This fixes an issue where some posts weren’t getting the javascript code and changed it to be asynchronous.. Check it out at RubyGems and find the source at Github.

2 Gems Updated

PwnedCheck PwnedCheck is a gem that checks to see if an email address or user handle has been involved in a breach. How to Install How to Use Jekyll-Clicky Jekyll-clicky is a gem to add clicky analytics to a site generated with Jekyll. Installation Add this line to your application’s Gemfile: And then execute: Or install it yourself as: ### Usage Add- to _config.yml in your jekyll site directory. Replace ### with the id of your clicky site.