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AuthHeader Updater listed on snoopysecurity/awesome-burp-extensions

Excited to see AuthHeader Updater on a list of awesome burp extensions!

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New Burp Extension – Perfmon

Just whipped together a new Burp extension called perfmon (not to be confused with the Windows tool of the same name). I was really interested in the the resource usage of Burp while doing certain activities. It adds a new … Continue reading

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2 Gems Updated

PwnedCheck PwnedCheck is a gem that checks to see if an email address or user handle has been involved in a breach. How to Install gem install PwnedCheck How to Use require ‘pwnedcheck’   # The 4 cases. # … Continue reading

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Extending Burp at DerbyCon VII

Just finished my talk about extending Burp at Derbycon VII. Thanks to everyone that attended! I’m really thankful for the opportunity to present on the topic. The Details- Slides – Video in Slides (Slide 14) Source Code – Video … Continue reading

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